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INTRODUCING STAD: A GROUPE LACASSE OFFICE SYSTEM WITH LOUNGE ACCENTS! This latest product is from a leading manufacturer, Groupe Lacasse! Groupe Lacasse showcases quality furniture at a great value! They focus on the well-being for all types of workplaces. Watch this...

Homemade Crafts You Can Give as Holiday Gifts

Gifts often have more meaning behind them when you spend time making them yourself. Get creative over the holidays and try your hand at making these festive crafts. Once you’re done you can give them to your friends and family members to show how much they mean to you.

Making a Traditional Office More Adaptable & Inclusive

A well-designed office is one that accounts for the needs of every employee that works in it. In today’s workforce, there are many people who suffer from disabilities that make it harder for them to complete certain tasks. Despite this, there are many offices that fail to properly accommodate the needs of these people.

Money Saving Tips to Cut Costs this Winter

Late December marks the beginning of winter, and as temperatures drop, many people are tempted to crank up the heat to stay warm. While this will help you keep warm, you better be prepared to pay a hefty heating bill at the end of the month. If you want to fight back the cold this winter while also saving some money…

Gifts Ideas for Your Office Holiday Gift Exchange

With the holidays quickly approaching, it will only be a matter of time before your office hosts its annual holiday gift exchange. Whether you are giving gifts to a specific person, or having a random grab bag, giving gifts to your coworkers can help build healthy relationships.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Should Be a Top Priority

In the 21st century, most people use social media in one form or another. The popularity of social media platforms stems from their ability to let people quickly connect with others online. In recent years, businesses have learned to use these platforms to market their brands and products online.

Beat Your Own Drum with International Percussion Month

Did you know that November is International Percussion Month? For those unaware, any instrument played by striking something with your hands or a stick is a percussion instrument. There are many percussion instruments in the world, but the most well-known is the drum. A drum can produce many sounds, and the sound it…

Fun Gifts for People Who Love Cooking

Cooking is a popular hobby for a lot of people. Some people do it just to try different meals, while others use their skills to make money as a business. If you have friends or family who enjoy preparing different recipes, consider buying them one of these items. Whether a birthday is coming up or you are just…

5 Inspirational Quotes That Can Help Pick You Up

Are you having a slow day at work? Every once in a while we get into a bit of a slump at our jobs and can’t find the motivation to get into our work. If you are in need of a pick-me-up, you should read these five motivational quotes.

Keeping Your Computer Files Organized

Most office jobs require extensive use of computers and laptops to get work done. Since you use your computer to get most of your work done, you should make an attempt to keep your files organized, so you can stay on top of things. Use the following tips to organize digital documents and files, so you can easily…

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Most people who host family dinners on Thanksgiving will tell you that they can get pretty expensive. From the large turkey to the abundance of desserts, it doesn’t take much to rack up a large grocery bill for Thanksgiving, especially if you are inviting a lot of people. If you want to save some money this…

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