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INTRODUCING STAD: A GROUPE LACASSE OFFICE SYSTEM WITH LOUNGE ACCENTS! This latest product is from a leading manufacturer, Groupe Lacasse! Groupe Lacasse showcases quality furniture at a great value! They focus on the well-being for all types of workplaces. Watch this...

Start Spring with Salads

Trying to eat a little healthier as spring blooms? If so, check out these simple salad recipes to serve as a side for dinner or to bring with you to work for lunch!

How to Stream Music, But Save Data

According to Statista, the number of subscribers from 2018 to 2020 is expected to increase by 41.2 million. If you’re on a mobile phone plan without unlimited data, you might be wondering how you can move your entire music catalog online. Fortunately, most apps that offer a paid subscription allow you to save your…

What to Do If You Accidentally Delete Files

Imagine you’ve been making great progress on an important project. You get a lot done and close out your file. The next day, you come into work to realize that your file can’t be found anywhere and realize it has been deleted. Here are instructions on how you can recover a lost file.

5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Many people say they could use a little extra money. According to The Motley Fool, Millennials specifically have a savings rate of negative 2 percent! Whether you are in that negative 2 percent or not, there are some incredibly easy ways to make some extra cash. Here are a few suggestions.

What Purpose Will Quiet Rooms Serve in Office Spaces?

Do you currently work in an open office layout, and struggle to find a quiet space? You’re not alone. A recent CNBC article says that 58 percent of high performing employees feel that they need quiet spaces in their open office layouts. Quiet rooms are easy to incorporate and will help to fulfill the needs of…

Preparing for Take Your Child to Work Day

On the fourth Thursday of April, parents are given the chance to bring their children to work for the day. Take Your Child to Work Day is an important day because it provides children with the chance to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the workforce. If you want Take Your Child to Work Day to go…

Gifts for New Homeowners

Do you know a first-time homeowner or someone who relocated to a new area? Sometimes, figuring out what to gift to them might be difficult. Rather than gifting a bottle of wine, here are a few options for those of you that are stuck.

What 5 Skills Are Most in Demand Now?

Are you curious about the top skills employers are looking for today? While some of the skills may be more technical, there are a few important ones that span a variety of fields. Here are some opinions about the top skills in demand right now.

Spotlight On… VIA Seating

Via is one of the preferred seating manufacturers, and is featured on our showroom floor. The territory reps for this line are Bryan and Molly Corley with Professional Contract Resources. This in an excellent seating line with some cutting-edge developments in motion...

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